Tuition and Fees

Registration & Tuition Fees (Non Refundable).

$125 Registration Fee for each child


Tuition Fees

TUITION and FEES Type (amount per month) Grades JK-SK Grades 1-6 Grades 7-8 Hifth Program
Tuition for First Child / Only Child $485 $475 $475 $500
Tuition for Second Child $460 $450 $450 $475
Tuition for Third Child and Above $435 $425 $425 $450
Non-Refundable Registration Fee Per Child $125 $125 $125 $125
Non-Refundable EnrichIt! & Resource Fee Per Child $200 $200 $200 $200

The registration fee seen above is non-refundable and is for all students, due at registration time.

No student will write an entrance test without being registered. Once admitted, the EnrichIt! & resource fee is also non-refundable and includes the cost of the planner, all the workbooks and the rental of textbooks. All textbooks have to be returned to the school at the end of the school year in good condition (as determined by the school). Otherwise, there will be a $100 replacement fee for each lost or damaged text.

If students are refused admission by the school, the EnrichIt! & resource fee may be refunded but registration fees are non-refundable under all circumstances.

A discount of $25 for each sibling will apply up to three children. Multi-child families may apply for further discount based on need.

Children will be considered from the same family if they share same parents/guardians.
Parents have the option of paying the tuition fees as one payment (debit/credit card or cheque due on August 1st 2017) or ten installments starting August 1st 2017 and ending May 1st 2018 through post-dated cheques or automatic bank withdrawal. On the cheque memo line write your child’s name and payment description. Families with multiple students are requested to submit their fees consolidated in one cheque. There will be a 3 % fee for credit card charges.

There will be a $25 administrative charge for every returned cheque or NSF.

Student fees must be PAID IN FULL regardless of student travelling or absent.

If withdrawing from school, parents must submit a request in writing with a one month notice to before the first of the month. In order to receive tuition refund from Jan-May 2018, written request must be submitted by Dec 31st, 2017. The tuition for the months the student attended school and the month the student is leaving the school is non-reimbursable. There will be no tuition reimbursement for requests submitted after Dec 31, 2017.

August fees pay for June. August fees will not be refunded when a student withdraws from the school at any time.

A portion of the tuition fee will be eligible for a tax receipt. Calculations of the exact amount will vary from year to year as per CRA regulations.

All families are encouraged to contribute towards the capital cost of MAC Maple Grove School and its projected renovations.

Tuition Fee Includes:

  • The costs of all curricular related activities
  • Textbook usage fee & agenda

Tuition Fee Does Not Includes:

  • Classroom supply list
  • Yearbook
  • School & gym uniforms
  • Competitions and tournaments outside the school and off campus trips
  • Graduation expenses for grade 8 (trip, graduation party & gown rental)
  • Optional extended care
  • School bus fee
  • Optional milk and lunch program
  • Extracurricular activities offered by third parties during recess

For Registration:

Please bring your child’s:

  • Health Card
  • Immunization Record
  • Birth Certificate
Ministry of Education province-wide annual average budget is approximately $12,000 per pupil. It is more than double of what most parents pay for their children at MAC MGS.