Mission & Vision

MAC is an independent, nation-wide grassroots organization that currently operates in 11 cities across Canada.
“Inspiring achievement”


The mission of Maple Grove as a MAC School is to ensure a high quality education in an atmosphere respecting Islamic values. MAC sees a time when Canada is a society where Islam is part of the discourse and is not perceived as an alien faith or a tradition.

MGS also offer the Muslim community an additional alternative for children’s education. MGS encourage parents’  for constructive involvement in developing the school and facilitate our future generation’s conscious integration and adaptation in Canadian society and culture.


To establish an Islamic presence in Canada, that is balanced, constructive and integrated though distinct, within the social fabric and culture of Canada.

– because we seek to understand Islam in a comprehensive manner based on the teachings of the Qur’an, the sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him).
– because we believe that Muslims must leave a positive and productive effects wherever they may be.
Integrated though distinct
– because we envision Muslims as a community in Canada that is an essential, integral and vibrant part of this society yet maintaining its religious attributes as a community of believers with distinct needs and values.