Achievement in Raising the Bar!

Assalam Alaykum
It is with great pleasure that we are announcing an amazing achievement from our MAC MGS Preschool and Childcare Centre.
The childcare centre participates in a voluntary quality initiative program called Raising the Bar (RTB) on quality for Waterloo Region. RTB is a community-based peer accredited set of quality standards.

The goal of Raising the Bar is to ensure that licensed early learning and child care programs in Waterloo Region are engaged in an ongoing process that actively supports healthy child development in settings that are safe, clean and focused on high quality.

Each May, all participating programs submit a profile binder which provides documentation on the quality activities their program has engaged in that meet the criteria for RTB.

There are three bars (areas of focus) in t
he RTB criteria:

Quality Monitoring Standards, Best Practice Standards, and Professional Development Standards. Over the course of two days, a group of peer reviewers consisting of community partners and program supervisors confidentially review each program’s documentation and determine a standing of participation, bronze, silver or gold for each of the three bars. Each year programs are given an RTB Certificate to post in their programs, which indicates their achievements of Participation, Bronze, Silver, or Gold.  In the first couple of years a centre expects participation and then they are expected to achieve Gold within 5 years of being licensed.

MAC MGS Preschool and Childcare Centre participated in RTB, even though they were only licensed less than a year of the RTB year. The goal was to take this as a learning experience to be ready for next year inshAllah and only expected to achieve participation. 

AlhamdolAllah with great pride, we would like to announce that MAC MGS Preschool and Childcare Centre has achieved GOLD in Quality Monitoring Standards and  GOLD in Development Standards, as well as BRONZE in Best Practice Standards. 

This is a wonderful achievement with many more to come inshAllah. 

Jazak Allahu Khayran to Sr. Aisha Khatib our Childcare Supervisor and to the staff of our toddler and preschool programs.

Best Regards

Rania Lawendy

Principal MAC MGS