Hajj Walk Next Wednesday, September 23rd

Hajj Walk Next Wednesday, September 23rd

Assalamu Alaikum.

Dear Parents,

The month of Dhul-Hijjah is a season of worship, and seasons of worship bring along blessings, benefits and opportunities to correct one’s faith and an expiation of sins. The first ten days of Dhul-Hijjah are especially important, in which rewards of good deeds are multiplied and if spent in remembrance of Allah SWT will result in being forgiven for the past year and the following year.

[vz_blockquote author=”Imam Ahmad narrated from Ibn Umar (may Allah be pleased with him)”] Imam Ahmad narrated from Ibn Umar (may Allah be pleased with him), from the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) that he said: “There aren’t any days greater, nor any days in which deeds done in them are more beloved to Allah the Most High, than these ten days [of Dhul-Hijjah]. So, increase in them the saying of Tahleel [Laa-ilaaha-ill-Allah], and Takbeer [Allahu-Akbar] and Tahmeed [al-hamdu-lillaah].”  [/vz_blockquote]

The 9th day of Dhul-Hijjah is the day of Arafat. It is the day when Allah frees His servants from Hell and forgives them their sins.

In celebration of the  month of Dhul-Hijjah, MAC Maple Grove School will have students perform a Hajj Walk.

A small scale version of Hajj will take place in our school gym on Wednesday, September 23rd 2015. The students will be taken through the steps in order to better understand this blessed pilgrimage. There will be a Kaaba structure and the children will be performing the manasek of Hajj. The Hajj walk for JK to 2nd grade will occur during period 6 while 3rd to 8th grade will occur during period 7.

We ask that all students dress in white to represent the ihram of Hajj. Boys can wear a white thawb or a white shirt. Girls can wear a white hijab and an abaya.

We wish everyone an Eid Mubarak!


MAC MGS Administration