Ramadan Schedule

Ramadan Schedule

We have modified the school’s schedule for Ramadan. Inshallah school will begin at 9:25 am. Students will be marked late at exactly 9:30 am. School will still end at 4 pm, and parents have until 4:15 to pick up their children. After 4:15 pm students will automatically be placed in after school care as is currently happening. After school care runs until 5:30 pm and costs $10 per day or $100 per month per student.

If you work and still need to bring your children early to school, there will be two teachers supervising in the gym inshallah starting 8 am. Students arriving early will be required to sit down in the gym and read a book; it will NOT be playtime.

Students will continue to take all their classes during Ramadan inshallah. We have simply shortened the classes to accommodate the new timings. We have done that because the taraweeh prayers will be running late every night and it might be difficult to bring your children to school early.

Please see the Ramadan timetable.

We hope you have a blessed month of Ramadan inshallah!

Jazakum Allahu khairan.