School Updates

School Updates

ENRICHIT! is what separates us from other schools and we are proud that our children get to enjoy such a program. The whole school, with the exception of a few, visited the Ontario Science Center and each grade attended a hands on workshop and an IMAX movie to match their curriculum. There were assignments to follow the trip to reinforce what each class learned. Scientists in School have also visited each grade as part of our EnrichIt! Program.

GREEN SCHOOL – MGS is now a green school and part of the ECO GREEN TEAM. We had an assembly to educate the children and teachers about this program. Insha’a Allah our school will be taking a trip in the spring to a recycling plant so students become more aware of the importance of being part of the GREEN TEAM. Please encourage your children to recycle at home as well.

ALFURQAN MGS is planning a trip in December to reward the kids and acknowledge their hard work and dedication as well as their accomplishments.

SNOW TUBING / SKI TRIP – MGS is planning a trip for the students from grades 1-4 to enjoy snow tubing and for grades 5-8 to enjoy skiing.

JUMP CAMP – MGS is planning to attend this camp at Wilfred Laurier University. Grades 5-8 are welcome to attend; it is an optional trip. Insha’a Allah it will be from June 8-10, 2015. The cost of the trip will be around $250.

INTER ISLAMIC SPELLING BEE – MGS students will be practicing at this event and we will have a school competition. Insha’a Allah we will participate in the competition on February 18, 2015.

ARABIC SPELLING BEE – will be introduced near the end of the school year insha’a Allah.

SCHOOL PROJECT – MGS students have an exciting opportunity insha’a Allah to be part of Write and Get Published. Each student will write a short story and the top prize for the best story will be publishing the student’s book and placing it in the MGS library.

NASHEED CLUB — Insha’a Allah the girls will be performing at the Fundraising Dinner on December 13th, 2014.

DODGEBALL CLUB – The students at MGS have the opportunity to play dodgeball weekly and the school is looking to add more sports and clubs but MGS NEEDS MORE VOLUNTEERS. All of these programs are dependent upon parent volunteers. If you are able to offer one day a week it would help the school and the students.

CARIBOU CLUB — has 6 tests over the school year and it will be a great opportunity to see how our MGS students progress. Caribou is not just about math but about problem solving and it enriches our children’s learning and ability to solve not just math problems but everyday problems. At the last competition grades 3-4 had 4 students that placed within the top 20, grades 5-6 had 4 that placed in the top 20 and 7-8 had 2 that placed in the top 20 within Waterloo Region. Alfurqan students were asked to participate and it did affect the placements from our school.

KHUTBA CLUB – MGS needs a volunteer for this club.

FRIDAY PRAYER – Brother Muhammad has been leading prayer on Fridays since the school opened and we thank him for this dedication; Jazahu Allahu khairan. MGS does NEED A VOLUNTEER to lead prayer on Fridays. If you are able to volunteer even once a month to give a KHUTBA it will be of great assistance.

ME TO WE – MGS has signed up to participate in this project and be part of the global community. It is for grades 3-8 and will include a project that is community based and a project that is global based.
MGS is looking to add more clubs for grades JK- 3 Insha’a Allah. If you have any ideas or are interested in volunteering please submit them to the office or in the suggestion box.

TEACHER P.D. – Each week, MGS teachers attend a Professional Development session. This involves educating our teachers on a different topic each week. The P.D. is intended to ENRICH our teachers which will in turn ENRICH our students. Some topics have been on how to access students’ writing, how to write a proper report card, how to do an authentic assessment of the students, etc.
Principal Rania and Ian walk around the school regularly and visit each classroom. They sit and observe the class and the teachers and give feedback to the teachers regarding how they can improve. They also follow up to see that the suggestions are being implemented. Building a cohesive group of staff is what takes the school to higher level.

HOME READING PROGRAM – Insha’a Allah we will be starting the home reading program this month. We are excited to see how the students progress with their reading skills.

FINANCIAL SITUATION – MGS is having a fundraising dinner on December 13, 2014 and it is very important for the school and its future. Every month MGS is acquiring a higher deficit. Our school is relying on previous donations as well as fundraisers to meet the monthly required payments. We currently have a BUY A BRICK campaign and Principal Rania has applied for a grant as well from the Islamic Development Bank. The goal of MGS is to keep tuition affordable. Unfortunately, if fundraising is not successful, tuition will need to be increased. We all need to work together to keep tuition affordable so please attend and encourage others to attend the fundraising dinners.

SAFE AND SECURE PROCEDURES – MGS has procedures in place for lock downs, tornadoes and fires. The students and teachers practice each of them according to schedule and have a binder in each class containing the procedures.