About SPC

The School Parent Council (SPC) serves as a springboard for parents ideas, initiatives and concerns. The SPC strives to facilitate and encourage parents active and positive involvement in the school to enhance their children’s ex[experience at MGS.

Every parent at the school is a member of the SPC.

The SPC Executives Committee consists of a group of elected parent volunteers who work with the Principal on a regular basis to brainstorm, organize and execute extra events, activities and fundraising for the school and students.

SPC is not a forum for complaints about MGS or other parents.

Please meet with the appropriate personnel if you have concerns about your child or Staff members, SPC meets once a month at the school, and meetings are open to all parents. Notices are sent out by email. Meeting involve updates from the Principal, the Chair, and an overview of upcoming events.

The Executive Committee positions include Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary, Fundraising and Events coordinators and parent classroom representatives.


  • Fulfill the responsibilities that come along with the role that you have been elected for
  • Attend monthly metings
  • BE enthusiastic and BE the change you want to see!