Summer Safety!

Assalam Alaykum,

AlhamdolAllah it seems warmer weather has finally arrived! Mornings may still be cool. Children should have a light jacket or sweater with them each day as the play yards are still partially covered in shade in the mornings when we go outside.

Open toed footwear is not allowed. Sandals must be closed toe as this is a safety issue. Sandals must also be closed in the back to ensure they stay on the child’s feet. All children must have indoor shoes at the centre as not to bring in the sand and dirt from outside into the classrooms.

With the sun, brings the need for sunscreen. Children must arrive in the morning with it already applied. The Educators will NOT be applying sunscreen in the morning. Sunscreen will only be re-applied in the afternoon. Spray sunscreen are not allowed at the centre. ONLY lotion or cream sunscreens may be used.

Hats are also needed. Please send an extra hat to stay in your child’s cubby at the centre.

Please help us ensure your child is protected from the sun!

We will be going outside each and every day!